Commercial Finance

When purchasing a business, consider:

  • Do you need funding from external sources (debt or equity)?
  • Does your business plan require funds for expansion and growth?
  • Do you need cash flow funding in the trading cycle? 

Interested in sourcing commercial finance?

JPAbusiness can take the hassle out of dealing with banks and lending institutions, and get you the answers you need on commercial finance quickly.

FREE Consultation

JPAbusiness can work with you and our network of lending and equity providers to develop a flexible and competitive financing package. 

We don’t broker any financial products, so you receive independent advice.

We’re experienced in assisting clients develop business plans and projections for banks and other financial institutions, and in conducting request of tender and expression of interest processes to get the best deal for you.

Managing your banking relationship

At JPAbusiness we understand that nothing is more critical to your banking or finance partner relationship than strong communication. We can help you establish a good relationship with your finance partner that is founded on:

  • clear expectations;
  • listening;
  • understanding;
  • problem solving and,
  • proactive communication.

We can also explain how you can influence your bank’s appetite for lending by taking control of the 3 S’s: Servicing, Security and Surety.

Commercial finance consultation

If you’re using a business finder service or buying a franchise, it pays to have preliminary finance approval, as this will assist you in the purchase negotiations and the candidate assessment process.