Marketing Your Business

Marketing busineses for sale is not like selling a car, house, building or boat!

Simply listing your business with a broker and having them put it up in their window, in the local paper or catalogue unlikely to deliver you a great result.

The key principles of marketing a product successfully apply to marketing a business – we plan an approach with you to ensure your investment in marketing your business pays dividends.  We work with you to:  

  • Identify the business point of difference
  • Identify who might be interested in your business, and
  • Determine what is the best way to target interested parties (e.g. advertising, personal contact, other direct marketing)

Looking for a ‘needle in a hay stack’ is a waste of everyone’s time, and your money!

That is why we develop a professional Marketing Plan to assist you  sell your business – importantly this Plan always has a mix of online and print media along with direct marketing methods and an indication of priority investment options.

Unless the market knows about the opportunity your business offers you are likely to have only a very slim chance of selling your business.

Often business owners are worried about disclosing a sale to the market and would rather ‘no name’ marketing for sale.

We recognise the sensitivities a sale process can create with an on-going operating business and work with our clients to strike the right balance to meet the business sale objectives.