Our Selling Process

JPAbusiness provides a range of services to support clients who are looking to sell their business.

Below is an example of a typical JPAbusiness Business Transaction Services agreement between JPAbusiness and a business sale client, for the purposes of:

  • Business sale preparation and marketing;
  • Managing expression of interest process;
  • Providing negotiation support and ongoing assistance up to sale completion.
Business Transaction Services: Sale and Marketing program


Provide business sale preparation and marketing services, manage expression of interest process and provide further advice and negotiation assistance up to sale completion.

Services and Scope:

The services that JPAbusiness Pty Ltd will undertake are as follows:

Phase 1: Business sale preparation
(4-6 weeks)

Business Marketing Package including:
  • Information Memorandum
  • Marketing Plan
  • Direct Contact Target List
  • Online Brochure

Phase 2:  Expression of interest process
(16 weeks)

Management of Expression of Interest process, Direct Marketing Contacts and other interest generated from the Marketing Program.

Phase 3: Further advice and negotiation
(6-8 weeks)

Ongoing assistance with negotiation on Contract of Sale and related documents, and management to sale completion.

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