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Electrical Safety Product – Remote Racking Device -



In 2008, the Vendor designed and developed an electrical safety device, the Circuit Breaker Racking Unit (CBRU), which was created to mitigate the risks associated with manual 'racking' or engaging medium to high-voltage circuit breakers. The CBRU removes the arc flash risks that service personnel encounter. (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hpE5LYj-CY for controlled demonstration of an arc flash explosion).

Since 2008, the CBRU has experienced significant commercial interest, having achieved partial-commercialisation success. The Vendor’s core business activities consist of other engineering projects, with the CBRU developed as a supplementary product. During the past eight years, the CBRU products have had significant ongoing development, testing and product improvements, however, the Vendor has indicated the CBRU products have remained as orphan products compared to their core business activities. For this reason, there hasn’t been significant marketing, sales and distribution focus on this business line.

The opportunity has now become available for a company or individual to take over the CBRU’s business assets and associated intellectual property to lead the operation through the next stage of development (growth stage). This opportunity would ideally suit a business with product distribution, marketing and sales capability in maintenance, electrical, electrical safety, mining, fabrication, engineering, energy or related industries.


Customers and Market:

Customers include any business or individual that has or engages high-voltage circuit breakers and represent a wide range of industry sectors which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Metals and mining (e.g. producers of aluminium, gold, steel, precious metals and minerals and also diversified metals and minerals)
  • Utilities (e.g. electric, gas or water utilities, or companies that operate as independent producers and/or distributors of power)
  • Energy (e.g. companies engaged in the exploration, production, marketing, refining and/or transportation of oil and gas products, coal and other consumable fuels)
  • Industrials (e.g. construction, engineering and building products, electrical equipment and industrial machinery companies)
  • Materials (e.g. manufacturers of chemicals, construction materials, glass, paper, forest products and related packaging products, and metals, minerals and mining companies, including producers of steel)
  • Telecommunications (e.g. providers of communications services primarily through a fixed-line, cellular, wireless, high bandwidth and/or fibre optic cable network).

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Quick Facts

• Product designed and developed in 2008

• Experienced significant interest and sales demand from both local and international customers (Australia, New Zealand and USA)

• In 2009 sales in excess of $1m were achieved

• Average gross profit of ~$200,000 and average net profit of ~$70,000

• Customers in industries including but not limited to: mining; electric, gas or water utilities companies; energy (exploration/production/refinement of oil and gas products); industrials (construction/engineering/electrical equipment/machinery companies); materials; and telecommunications.

Important Information for Prospective Purchasers:

All information in this document is of a general nature only and not exhaustive. Interested parties should conduct their own due diligence and feasibility assessments. The Vendor of Electrical Safety Product – Remote Racking Device, and advisers, JPAbusiness, are not liable for any loss or damages associated with reliance on this information or the Expressions of Interest process.

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